• Birds
    New Zealand is known as the seabird capital of the world and is also home to a number of forest birds that live nowhere else on Earth.
  • Freshwater Fish
    New Zealand has 35 native fish species, yet most of us would be hard pressed to list more than a couple (and no, trout are NOT native!)
  • Invertebrates
    An invertebrate is an animal, such as an insect or mollusc, that has no backbone or spinal column.
  • Mammals
    Bats are New Zealand's only native land mammals. There are two surviving species: the long-tailed bat and the short-tailed bat.
  • Reptiles & Frogs
    The herpetofauna animal group includes reptiles and frogs. New Zealand has tuatara, geckos, skinks, and four species of native frog.